Pro Cycling Manager 2008


Race with the best cyclists of the 2008 season


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Apart from the well-known football and basketball simulators, there are other simulators that focus on different sports that also have a large number of fans, such as cycling, for example.

Pro Cycling Manager 2008 puts you to the test as it lets you manage a cycling team to race in the greatest competitions of the season. You'll be able to put cyclists such as Carlos Sastre, Alberto Contador, Samuel Sanchez or Alejandro Valverde, at your orders.

In this demo, you'll be able to play with the Euskatel team in the sixteenth stage of the 2008 Tour de France that covers France from Cuneo and Jausiers. It has 157.4 km of mountain tracks in which you'll be able to climb Col de la Lombarde and Col la Bonette, where you'll be able to enjoy the breathtaking views that the game has to offer.

Your role will be that of team director, and your mission will be to conquer the stage so that one of your cyclists has the opportunity of reaching the highest step on the podium during the gala round. Will you be able to pull it off?

You can only play one stage of the Tour de France.

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